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Cunningham Advisors provides financial consulting services to mid-sized developers of commercial properties in the Denver metro area. Our speciality is 30,000-40,000 office and retail buildings.

Expert in the use of ARGUS financial software, we provide answers and solutions to riddles typical of every development. We furthermore prepare lender and investor packages based on these findings, thus bearing up to the most intense scrunity.

We add value to every development project - because of sophisticated cash flow models that make sure your ideas are right on the money. We also find solutions when they're not, and discover hidden opportunities along the way. Afterward, we prepare lender and investor packages that succeed in attracting capital..

Three reasons why you can bank on our "findings":

Experience: Hands-on experience in commercial real estate, development, renovation, and property management, all backed by a degree in accounting and real banking experience. Simply put, we've actually done it!

Know-how: We know how to translate the "story" of a development into financial terms. This involves more than just addition and subtraction; we actually reshape the four corners of the development: (1) amount of product created, (2) revenue produced, (3) all-in cost, and (4) capital financing.

Not until all four corners are in "sustainable balance" is the project ready to move forward (usually four or five re-visions over several months).

Technology: We use ARGUS financial software, the industry standard. (Many institutional lenders and investors won't accept proposals unless they're based on ARGUS.)

These are the talents, experiences, and skills, that we bring to the table. Employed once, it's rare for a client to proceed on the next project without contacting us first.


Typical Assignments

  1. ARGUS Cash Flow models
  2. Investor and Lender packages
  3. Development schemes
  4. Renovation strategies for historic properties
  5. Condominium Conversion analysis and feasibility studies
  6. Due-Diligence, acquisition and/or investor


Additional Services

  • Project management; Team membership
  • Marketing and pricing strategies
  • Implement property management
  • Web sites design and production



  • Bid - Based on information resources and complexity
  • Hourly - $95 per hour
  • Retainer - Discounted fee based on repeat volume of business
  • Assignment - Full or part time Team Member for duration of project


About Us

Cunningham Advisors is based in Denver, Colorado. John Cunningham is its owner and manager. With an accounting degree from the University of Denver, John cut his teeth as the Manager of Special Projects, a problem-solving section of the area's largest bank. He owned and operated a commercial real estate management, leasing and renovation company for 12 years. He developed financial software in the early 1990s and pioneered a mortgage consulting profession, publishing two books along the way.

With the emergence of sophisticated software, John wedded his commercial real estate experience with this new technology and has been providing small to mid-sized development companies with the same "back room" capabilities of big companies since 1996.


You may contact us anytime by clicking on the e-mail address below, or by visiting the Information Center under the Contact Us section, which has our toll free telephone number, local number, address and so forth.

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