Introduction to Pricing                      

We practice what we teach: Keep a low overhead, use productivity tools, and outsource ad hoc work to other professionals. That's why we can afford to offer lower fees to our clients, while putting more money in our own pocket. Even so, we consider time to be our most scarce resource and use it sparingly.

Our services are priced $95 per hour, whether it is "hard" ARGUS modeling time or "soft" non-ARGUS time. Examples of this soft time include meetings, writing reports, preparing lender and investor packages and other non-modeling time. In general, an "A to Z" assignment will comprise one-third hard ARGUS time and two-thirds soft non ARGUS time.

Payment is due 10 days after receipt of invoice. "Speedy paymemt makes fast friends."                                                                      


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The Pricing Process

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