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"Many a real estate project would have been successful if it hadn't run out of money along the way. Our job is to make sure that doesn't happen."


The Story of Getting There

The problem usually starts with confusing Income and Expense statements with Cash Flow models. Income and Expense statements or "pro formas" are a projection of where you'll end up. "Cash Flow models" are the story of how you'll get there. Getting there often takes more money in the short run than many people imagine

Our job is to ensure that you'll have the right amount at the right time, and end up successful.

ARGUS Financial Software

The function of cash flow models is to ensure your Source of Funds is sufficient to meet your Use of Funds. The backbone of these models is ARGUS Financial Software, the industry standard of institutional investors and lenders nationwide. (Pro-Ject can also be used upon special request.)

Whether it's Lease by Lease or Unit Sales, the industry has come to trust ARGUS because it accounts for every dollar, and because it conforms to BOMA and AICPA standards. Furthermore, its formulas can't be changed to suit the needs or desires of the user.

Thus are investors and lenders inclined to trust the financial studies based on ARGUS. Moreover, they can open your data files and test the assumptions for themselves, all of which results in immediate credibility and quick results.

Value-added Experience

We add value to virtually every assignment by contributing ideas, solutions and opportunities gained from decades of experience and the wisdom of other developers and owners. Such is the art of our services.


The majority of assignments are in Acquisition Due Diligence, Development and Conversions, and Lender and Investor Packages. However, we also provide a wide range services in answering a number of other financial questions. The details of which can be discussed by contacting us directly.


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