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Cunningham Advisors has been providing services in commercial real estate since 1974.

As owner and operator of a Property Management company, we were responsible for multifamily units, mid-rise office buildings, shopping centers and condominium complexes.

Managing through two down cycles in the real estate industry, these properties had to well managed in order to stay afloat. Part and parcel of of which was marketing and sales, as well as financing and banking relationships. We're proud to report that no client ever lost money while we were at the helm.

We were also the Developer and Project Manager for several projects, which included office buildings, fire restoration projects and condominium conversions.

We also pioneered a Mortgage Consulting profession, intended to provide homeowners with an independent analysis of their mortgage choices. In particular, the nature and extent of tradeoffs between borrowing power and equity-building efficiency of prospective mortgages. Alas, this venture has not yet proven to be viable.

In 1996, we combined our moxie, experience and background in commercial real estate with technology and information resources, which exploded in the 1990s, and began providing cash flow models and other financial studies to other real estate professionals.

Since first being on exclusive retainer to the area's largest commercial real estate company, Frederick Ross Co, we have now become independent - specializing in providing answers and solving riddles for small to mid-sized owners and developers who can't afford in-house capability.

(A list of professional references and clients is available upon request.)



Through our history our staff has ranged from a high of 12 people to a low of 2 people, as it is today. All things considered, fewer is better. We propose to outsource overload and temporary work, remaining at the current level.

John Cunningham, our founder and president, has an Accounting degree from University of Denver, and went on to law school but chose not to pursue it as a career.

He started his financial career in the area's largest bank, serving as manager of a special problem-solving unit that was dedicated to solving internal financial problems and evaluating the bank's performance.

He was a licensed real estate broker, while in property management, leasing and development. Since being in the consulting business Mr. Cunningham has not renewed his license to eliminate any concern about conflicts of interest.


In addition to the day to day affairs of business, Mr. Cunningham also wrote two editions of a best-selling book, How To Unscramble Your Nest Egg, a personal finance book directed at employing a home mortgage as an "internal financing" source for building equity ownership, hence financial security.

He also developed Mortgage-Wise software, a soon-to-be Shareware program that will enable homeowners to do a self analysis of prospective mortgages. Those who already have a mortgage can employ a "BlocBuster" "principal acceleration" plan, which is three times more powerful because it's tailored to their specific mortgage.


The collage represents but some of the newspaper articles written about Mr/ Cunningham and his book. Nor does it represent the numerous magazine and professional articles Mr. Cunningham has written.



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