Productivity Tools    

We invest in the latest technology, so you don't have to. Not only do you save time and money, you also save the aggravation of trying to keep up with ever changing advancements in technology.

These productivity tools enable us to offer a menu of solutions, from a single model to an entire management system.  


  Package of Solutions

We can be retained for one function, such as a cash flow model, or for a "package" of analytical tools and information systems.  For example, we could use ARGUS to build the cash flow model for a redevelopment strategy, export it to Project 98 for development management, translate the marketing strategy into an Access data base for monitoring purposes, and finally build a web site using Dreamweaver.


Graphic Applications

Financial proposals must not only be good; they must also look good. We can package them into presentation quality reports using desktop publishing software such as Adobe PageMaker, Corel and Sony SmartCapture and Publisher 2000.



We employ NetMeeting so our clients don't even leave their desks to review progress and collaborate on work in progress.  When the cyber meeting is concluded, the revised file is send via email. So simple!



The less time spent in meetings, and the more technology replaces billable hours, the more efficient it is for everyone.


Winning Formula

Cunningham Advisors is furthermore committed to these productivity tools because they enable us to minimize our personnel costs.  The net result is lower cost to you and higher margins to us - win/win



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Productivity Tools

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