Value Added   

We add value to virtually assignment because we provide solutions, not numbers.

In addition to bringing 25 years of experience, we also bring the accumulated wisdom of other developers and owners - solutions and opportunities perhaps unknown to the present client.

These insights can't be taught, but only learned through years of experience.


Experience - Wisdom

There are plenty of recent MBA graduates sitting behind computers at big real estate and consulting companies, but computers don't make seasoned judgments - people do!

First experience, then computers. A person needs experience in order to ask the right questions, and thereby get on the path to the right answer. Once on the right path, computers and software are irreplaceable tools in processing the information and generating the financial models.

Cash flow models are the story of everything that should happen at the property, expressed in Arabic numbers which we call "numbers." The talents and experience of the storyteller is once again vital. For example, he or she must realize whether all the needed information has been considered, if it all makes sense, and whether all the parts are in balance with one another. For example, whether the marketing plan fits with the financing scenario and similar relationships.

Comparing the story of a property against real life experience, and modeling the changes needed to make them match up, is another way that Cunningham Advisors adds value to every assignment.


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Value Added

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